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Revealed, the World's Easiest Way to Learn How to Get Incredible Photographs.

Updated March 20, 2015

Are you frustrated by your new camera and can't get the shots you want?

You'll learn in this course, secrets from my 27 years of shooting angel investors, CEO's, families, 722 weddings in Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, USA and from my worldwide travels in 32 countries.

Join 1229 students from online and offline worldwide

1. You'll learn how to use your camera, how to see and work with light, and compose and choose the best angle.

2. Learn how to love people with your camera to capture their unique essence. Discover pitch perfect timing when you're shooting people in the first video here.

How to have fun while shooting so you stay relaxed and happy.

3. See with fresh eyes while traveling and in your own backyard.

There's no theory here.

This is hard-won wisdom after decades on the front lines of professional photography making $500 an hour shooting.

Why am I doing this?

So you don't have to go through the pain and struggle I had to when I first started my photography business.

No one told me the secrets you're getting here.

I don't care if you've never picked up a camera before. It's guaranteed your photography improve with these simple techniques.

See Video Testimony here

What People are Saying and I am Loving It on Video here

I learned so much today, thank you it was so fun!"

- Virginie, Paris, France

I know how to use my new camera now."

- Emma, Sweden

"Angle, timing, composition, and lighting, I learned it all today. I feel renewed to see the world differently."

- Jacky Li, Canada

You'll learn that a photographer is a painter in a hurry. and that it's all about your vision not the number of your pixels. And not the type of camera you are using.

You can use your point and shoot or phone to take this course.

You won't have to buy a fancy camera just to learn this advice.

You'll get my free ebook on Secrets of Stunning Photography, my life's work in 39 pages. Get instant access at

This book alone is worth the price of the course.

Be inspired with practical advice and real life examples of how to capture people, elephants, hummingbirds or night shots.

You'll get live sessions and critiques so you'll come away with much better photographs, and a big dose of enthusiasm for your art and vision.

Come on down and learn how to get amazing photographs from an award-winning photographer making money at it years before Photoshop was invented.

The low price of $47 is far less than my private sessions for $300.

You'll benefit from my 7 years of world travels steeped in exotic cultures in 32 countries, shooting, writing, and teaching globally.

Go here if you want one-on-one guidance. You can work with me.

You can reach me to ask questions, and if you need more help you can get a one-on-one private session to any question you have about your photography. See one-on-one guidance above.

Now all you need to get started is a camera (point and shoot or DSLR) and you'll be getting much better photos within minutes.

You can complete the 17 lectures in less than 2 hours but it's best to take longer and practice the solid gold advice in each 3 to 5 minute video.

I guarantee this course will kick your creative ass in gear and you'll get amazing photographs by following the guidance and tips here.

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Award-winning Photographer/Author 27 years

Mary Bartnikowski

Mary Bartnikowski, award-winning photographer and author, from Palo Alto, California, Silicon Valley Central, down the street from Steve Jobs, is shooting, writing, and educating worldwide. She has led programs at Apple Computer, Stanford University, Intel, humanitarian foundations and  Photography Retreats in Exotic Places Globally.  Mary has shot elephants, nature, architecture, authors, 722 weddings, CEO's and saints.  Photographs from her exhibitions are in the collections of art investors across North America. She's been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, and on over 100 radio stations across North America. Check out her photography store here: What her students are saying, " It made me see in a new way." William Steinmetz, USA "It was an experience to open the door into a new world." Nana Pirata, Japan "I learned so much today and it was easy and fun with you!" Virginie Geronton, Paris, France Mary has written 3 books (on Amazon), photographed the Dalai Lama in India, was nearly trampled by elephants in Nepal while shooting and educates private students and humanitarian foundations worldwide. Mary has had several one-woman exhibitions in San Francisco and Palo Alto and her work is in the collections of art investors globally, LuluLemon, and private corporations. Her app Vagabond Travel Photography Mag on being a location independent entrepreneur and how to take incredible photographs is for iphones/ipads in the itunes store. Mary's web site You can get her free ebook, Secrets of Stunning Photography and work with Mary one-on-one shooting and learning her secrets to make you a better photographer. Get Free Advice on photography and solo travel on her facebook page  Join Mary at her next Photo and Dolphin Safari in Hawaii

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